The Healing Power of Dreams - Tallulah Lyons and Wendy Pannier

Dreams can reveal much about not only the physical dimension but about the emotional dimension too. ~ Bernie S. Siegel, MD

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Workshops for 2009

Jan 29-Feb 25 Zoe Newman – Dream Group for Women Facing Cancer, Women’s Cancer Resource Center, Oakland, CA
February 14 Tallulah Lyons - Natural Spirituality Conference
Taccoa, GA

February 18 Tallulah Lyons - Piedmont Cancer Wellness,
Atlanta, GA

March 29 Rachel Norment - Creating Personal Mandalas—Self-Symbols: A Hands-on Workshop, Charlottesville, VA
April 18 Wendy Pannier - Regional Conference of the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD),
Chicago, IL

April TBD Wendy Pannier - Healing Collage, The Wellness Community
Wilmington, DE

May 14 Tallulah Lyons, Cancer Wellness at Piedmont Hospital, Atlanta
June 5 Tallulah Lyons, Survivors' Day, Grady Memorial Hospital, Atlanta
June 10 Tallulah Lyons - Haden Summer Conference,
Hendersonville, NC

June 26-30 Talullah Lyons and Wendy Pannier - IASD International Conference, Chicago, IL (multiple presentations)
August 21 Tallulah Lyons, Grady Memorial Hospital
August 22 Janet McCall, Gilda’s Club of W. PA, Pittsburgh, PA
Sept. 22 Wendy Pannier - Healing Power of Dreams and Nightmares
The Wellness Community Delaware (Rehobeth)
11 am – 2 pm.

Sept. 22 Rachel Norment - Understanding Dreams, The Compassionate Friends group, Charlottesville, VA
Sept. 24 Tallulah Lyons, Piedmont Hospital, Atlanta, GA
Oct. 15 Tallulah Lyons Imagery and Massage, Piedmont Cancer Wellness, Atlanta, GA
Oct. 17 Rachel Norment - Creating Personal Mandalas—Self-Symbols: A Hands-on Workshop, The Charlottesville Area of Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E., VA
Oct. 27 Wendy Pannier The Wellness Community Rehobeth, DE
Oct. 30-31 Wendy Pannier Dreams, Memories, and the Labyrinth,
Kennet Square, PA

Dec. 2 Healing Presence Within, Piedmont Cancer Wellness,
Atlanta, GA

Dec. 16 Artful Dreaming, Piedmont Cancer Wellness, Atlanta, Ga
Dec. 17  Humor and Dreams Piedmont Cancer Wellness, Atlanta, Ga



Workshops for 2008

April 5 The Wellness Community Delaware


April 17 Cancer Wellness Center, Piedmont Hospital, Atlanta, GA


April 26 The Wellness Community Central New Jersey


May 13 The Wellness Community, Atlanta-Northside


June 12 Piedmont Hospital, Atlanta, GA
June 18 Haden Summer Conference, Hendersonville, NC
September 13 The Wellness Community, Deleware
October 1 Cancer Wellness at Piedmont, Atlanta
December 18 Healing Power of Dreams workshop at Piedmont Hospital, Atlanta, GA



Other Presentations 2008

February 27 The Wellness Community Philadelphia – Panel on Gynecologic Cancers
July 10 Presentation at IASD Conference
July 17 The Wellness Community East Michigan


Workshops for 2007


January 20 Pittsburg, PA - Gilda’s Club,
January 25 Marietta, Ga - Kennestone Hospital Cancer Center,  workshop for NW Oncology Groups
March 14 Atlanta, GA, Grady Hospital Radiation Oncology Center
March 16 San Francisco, CA - Cancer Resource Center, UCSF
March 24 Oakland, CA - Women’s Cancer Research Center
April 26 Charlottesville, VA, UVA Cancer Center -
workshop for staff
May 16

Forsyth, GA, Northside Hospital Cancer Center

June 9 Atlanta, GA Grady Hospital Survivor’s Day
June 24-29 Hendersonville, NC, Haden Institute Summer Dream Conference
July 27 Atlanta, GA, Piedmont Hospital Cancer Wellness Center
September 14 San Francisco, CA, UCSF Cancer Resource Center
September 26 Norfolk, VA Studio for Healing Arts
September 29

Wilmington, DE The Wellness Community


Events for 2007


January 20 Gilda’s Club, Pittsburg, PA - Janet McCall
January 25 Kennestone Hospital Cancer Center, Marietta, Ga workshop for NW Oncology Groups
March 16 Cancer Resource Center, UCSF - Zoe Newman
March 24 Women’s Cancer Research Center, Oakland, CA - Zoe Newman

Other Presentations - 2007

March 22 Charlottesville, VA, Virginia Festival of the Book.. Rachel Norment discussed her book, Guided by Dreams: Breast Cancer, Dreams and Transformation
April 18 Dream Time Radio Show. Wendy Pannier and Rita Dyer discussed Dreams and Healing
listen to rebroadcast of the show
July 1

Sonoma, CA IASD Conference. Zoe Newman presented workshop and her book, Using Dreamwork Perspectives to Transform Your Waking Life



2006 Workshops

March 25  Greenville, SC—conducted by Robin Davenport
April 1   Wilmington, DE conducted by Wendy Pannier
April 22 Bedminster, NJ conducted by Wendy Pannier
May 10 Norfolk, VA—Conducted by Dani Vedros
May 16 Pittsburgh, PA—conducted by Janet McCall
June 5           

Toxaway, NC—conducted by Robin Davenport

June 24 IASD Conference at Bridgewater, MA—conducted by Tallulah Lyons and Wendy Pannier
July 8 Walnut Creek, CA—conducted by Zoe Newman
September 8 Nutley, NJ—Mini-workshop to Hoffmann-LaRoche employees facing cancer—conducted by Wendy Pannier
October 7 The Wellness Community, Greater Lehigh Valley, PA conducted by Wendy Pannier
November 4

Greater Lehigh Valley - Wendy Pannier

November 4

Pittsburgh, PA - Boyd Community Center - conducted by Janet McCall

November 29

Atlanta, Piedmont Cancer Wellness Center

Other Presentations - 2006

February 14 Atlanta, Georgia—Closing guided imagery for Survivors Party
March 21-22 Atlanta, GA—Two-day retreat Poem-making, Dream Work and Movement—conducted by Tallulah Lyons and John Fox
April 24-30 Prevention Magazine online forum on dreams—co-facilitated by Wendy Pannier
April 10 Atlanta, GA--Frankly Speaking about Side Effects—Opening and closing guided imagery—conducted by Tallulah Lyons
April 22 Atlanta, GA—Cancer Outreach Programs—two workshops on healing imagery—conducted by Tallulah Lyons
April 26 Atlanta, GA—Dreams and Imagery Workshops—conducted by Tallulah Lyons. 
April & May Atlanta, GA—-Kids’ Circle Program (for children who have an immediate family member facing cancer using dreams and guided imagery).
June 4 Atlanta, GA—closing imagery for Survivor’s Day—conducted by Tallulah Lyons
June 27 Atlanta, GA—workshop for gynecological cancer organization—conducted by Tallulah Lyons
November Atlanta, GA—Ongoing integrative imagery classes for new cancer wellness program—conducted by Tallulah Lyons
December 14 UVA Cancer Center, Charlottesville, VA Rachel Norment, Wendy Pannier and Tallulah Lyons



Facilitator Training 2006

February 3-5 2006 Philadelphia area—conducted by Tallulah Lyons and Wendy Pannier

On this weekend we trained experienced dream workers in how to work with the Healing Power of Dreams Project. They are now conducting workshops and ongoing dream groups and are serving as an advisory council as we expand the project.

Online Activities 2006

IASD Psiber Dreaming Conference September 24 – October 8, 2006—Presentation on the Healing Power of Dream Imagery by Tallulah Lyons and Wendy Pannier.

Online Group ongoing from October 2006—E-Study Group on Dreams and Healing—ongoing online program conducted by Tallulah Lyons and Wendy Pannier through the International Association for the Study of Dreams

Ongoing Dream Groups

  • Atlanta, GA

  • Lake Toxaway, NC

  • Philadelphia, PA

  • October - November, Women’s Cancer Research Center, Oakland, CA Five week group - Zoe Newman

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