The Healing Power of Dreams - Tallulah Lyons and Wendy Pannier

Dreams are the royal road to integration.  ~Fritz Perls



I’m Done!  I was in treatment for breast cancer.  Now I’m done and growing hair!  During this time I continued to attend an ongoing dream group. I found it to be a wonderful source of support, and of course I had some amazing dreams that clarified what was going on for me!  One of them entailed remodeling a house and a plucked chicken business (what can I say?)!  The Participant’s Manual is truly an amazing resource.










Comments from Ongoing Dream Group Members

M., Ovarian: Before cancer, my main thing was not feeling worthy and of putting everybody else first.  Since cancer, I have had so much care from others and I have had to accept that I matter. The dreams have been showing a slow shift in the way I relate to other people.  I’m trying to carry these new attitudes and stronger self confidence into situations in waking life. 

A., Ovarian:  My dreams show me getting braver and braver and I try to feel this when I meditate at a doctor’s. 

B., Breast:  When I am in chemo treatment I re-imagine experiences from my dreams that have felt healing. My favorite is a dream about a hurt child who turns into a beautiful white bird. 

K., Ovarian:  I use dream imagery for my medical shots and doctor visits.  I am becoming more assertive through dream work.  When I am anxious, I seem to have dreams that help me work it out.

J., Stomach:  Dream work has helped me to free myself from the inability to talk about some of the experiences that have kept me imprisoned for years. 

Julie, Breast:  Almost everyone in our group has dreamed of finding new rooms in their house. Several of us have dreamed of finding coins or treasure. Dreams keep showing new possibilities. 

R., Lymphoma:  I meditate with my dream imagery when I do yoga. I can feel the renewing energy of the graceful tiger when I stretch. 

Jean, Breast:  Dream work is like putting together a picture puzzle of yourself. In my dream I put together beautiful mosaic pieces and saw they made a picture of me.


Quote from Workshop Participants

“I liked the information on healing and the immune system — and the impact that dream work can have on that.”

“I learned how dreams are about us — to open us for healing.”

“What I liked best was learning how to work with and resolve nightmares.”

“I learned how dreams can be healing and helpful in our lives.”

“I learned the sense of healing that can come from exploring dreams.”

“Conflict resolution, forgiveness, the healing of trauma and understanding the mind-body connection are all worth time for us cancer patients to explore—and dreams can help us do that.”


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