The Healing Power of Dreams - Tallulah Lyons and Wendy Pannier

As The single most important conclusion I have come to in my work is that all dreams come
in the service of health and wholeness.  ~
Jeremy Taylor

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Article about Tallulah's dream group at Piedmont Cancer Wellness Center:
Wisdom and Strength from Your Dreams


International Association for the Study of DreamsExplore the most extensive website available on dreams, dream research, and upcoming dream events.


Bernie Siegel, M.D. has written and spoken extensively on healing one’s life as well as one’s body.  Visit his website, for insightful, thought-provoking articles and information, and a special ECaP section for Exceptional Cancer Patients.

Please see the
Dream Medicine page of

For dream leadership training and an annual summer dream conference:
The Haden Institute

Facilitator, Rachel Norment site:

Facilitator, Zoe Newman site:

Facilitator, Bill Murray site:

Facilitator, Jeanne Van Bronkhorst site:

Facilitator, Dr. Christopher Sowton site:

Cancer Wellness
at Piedmont is a model integrative oncology center.
Click on Cancer Wellness in the side menu. 

Cancer Support Communities
(formally The Wellness Community). This is a global network of education and hope. 

The Healing Wisdom of Dreams - Wendy Pannier and Tallulah Lyons are guests of Dr. Marcia Emery's Radio Show The Partnership of Intuition and Dreams. Learn more and listen
to a rebroadcast

Tuck has created an in-depth guide to the latest research on sleep and cancer; the sleep-related side effects of common cancer treatments; and ways to get a better night’s sleep while dealing with daytime fatigue, insomnia, restless leg syndrome, and other symptoms that patients with cancer might experience



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