The Healing Power of Dreams - Tallulah Lyons and Wendy Pannier

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Guided Meditations
by Tallulah Lyons, M. E.D

Listen to a Meditations by
Tallulah Lyons
Dreams and Guided Imagery


Meditation One


For deep relaxation

Meditation Two


For helping you to allow your relationship to a nightmare situation to transform

Meditation Three


For inviting a healing, waking dream

  Meditation Four


For integrating healing symbols


Download Meditations
right click on each meditation below and select 'save link (or target) as'

meditation 1    mediation 2    mediation 3    meditation 4

Our appreciation to Stephen W. Duncan for his meditative music 

Stephen W. Duncan has written a symphony, four ballets, and has made music for several movies as well. He also likes to dabble in electronic music - his last CD "The Full Moons" won "Best In Category - Virtual Orchestra" for independent producers. Currently, he is working on Symphony #2 and a couple of choral pieces. Smoke Rise, GA is what he and his wife call home!

Please visit his website for an extensive selection:

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